Matt Griffin, Director of Community for Ultimaker North America asked Shayna and Nick Brewer if they would like to make a 3D Printed project to be displayed in the Ultamaker Booth at World Maker Faire 2016 in October. After some discussion, they landed on something similar to an old disposable camera that would use readily available parts and simple programming.

Their design philosophy was that they wanted something that could be built by anyone with intermediate making skills. With that in mind, they created PIX-E®, an open source 3D Printed camera based on the Raspberry Pi Zero. The PIX-E® camera takes short .gifs that can be shared on social media.

Since showing PIX-E® off at Maker Faire, it has been mentioned on several maker websites, such as Lifehacker and Adafruit. It also won the "Enlightened Raspberry Pi" Contest's Grand Prize at HACKADAY, was featured by MAKE: as their Weekend Project, and was published in MAKE: Magazine.