Shayna Brewer


Shayna was part of an elite team at BuzzFeed that served as an experimental lab in Austin, TX. She and her fellow artists created new product and editorial ideas for BuzzFeed's website and social media accounts. One of these products was called BuzzCuts, an innovative way to generate advertisements that felt like part of BuzzFeed's online content.

BuzzCuts were created using companies' existing, and initially expensive, TV ads. The team would work together to come up with ways to make the original ads shorter, shareable, and more likely to foster engagement from the BuzzFeed community. Each BuzzCut package would include several iterations of the product, making it feel native to whichever platform it was posted on.

In the example above, Lego hired BuzzFeed to create several BuzzCut packages for them. Shayna composited adorable animations that she created onto Lego's original footage to illustrate the childrens' imaginations. She then formatted the BuzzCuts based on the platform they were to be posted.

Below are a few examples of BuzzCut Videos and .gifs Shayna made for clients. A lot of the ideas were essentially meme-ified to encourage relatability and sharing within social media platforms. However, some clients valued engagement over sharing, so not all of these products had the appearance of a meme.



BuzzCut Clients


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